Top London Tourism Attractions

London has increasingly grown as the world’s top tourist attraction, as it has been able to attract over 15 million every year. Britain’s capital city is a very vibrant entertainment and arts center, as the theaters are always busy.

London also boasts as one the world’s greatest concentration of various cultural attractions. It is from the royal palaces to people’s parliament, from the beautiful cathedrals and castles to the Roman ruins.

The city guarantees that you will spend endless days just exploring London without running out of unique to do and see things; some of these attractions to explore are discussed further below.

1. Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace is among the most iconic buildings; it is also the scene of the city’s most popular displays of the pomp and circumstances, which is the changing of the Guards. It can draw large crowds from 11:30 am session; it is a very colorful precision of music and marching, also taking place at the St James Palace.

You can follow this prestigious band along the mall as they march through the city of London, quite a sight you should not miss. Buckingham Palace was built in the year 1837, since then it has been the residence of the royal family since the accessions of Queen Victoria.

2. Parliament and Big Ben

Nothing can say London better than the 97-meter tower that houses the giant clock, and the resounding bell referred to as the Big Ben. Big Ben is known around the world as the time signal for BBC radio and below it is the house of Parliament that stretches along the Thames.

It is where Britain’s government seat is located and was once the Westminster Palace occupied by the conqueror William. If you get a tour of the parliament building, you will get to witness lively discussions and real-time debates taking place.

3. Westminster Abbey

The Westminster is another location that has a very long association with the royalty in Britain. It stands on a site that is associated with Christianity; this is since the early 7th century. A man known as Edward the Confessor in the year 1065 founded the building it was his place of interment.

From the year of his burial, this is in the year 1066, until George II, around 700 years later, most of the sovereigns were not only crowned in the building but also buried here too, quiet historical building if you ask me.

4. Hyde Park

The Park is London’s largest open space that covers around 350 acres; it has been a famous destination for sightseers since the year 1635. Therefore, if you are a nature lover, the park should be one of your must-visit tourist attractions. One highlight of the park is the famous Serpentine.

It is a manmade lake made in the 18th-century that is very popular for swimming and boating in the afternoon. Additionally, at the park is where you will find Speaker’s Corner; it is a traditional forum allowing free speech and heckling.

If you are also looking for massage services, then Mandarin Oriental located at the Hyde Park is a must visit for you. It might not be as good as one of those Toronto exotic massages, but it’s damn good! The center has an array of Buddha statutes and some amethyst crystals on the display having a dated feel, not forgetting the masseurs who have holistic persuasion and the ability to pick up exactly what you need during the session.

The top tourist attractions in the city of London have been spread out all over the country. As a result, if you are looking to spend time sightseeing, then it is a good idea if you base yourself in a central location to ease your movement.

London Tourism for Everyone

London offer many things for people of all ages as the years go by. It’s been done for centuries and this tradition will continue on as long as people are fascinated with London. Since speaking things with a British accent is common for folks that live there for years, it does add in some flare to the area.

The area does have interesting landmarks that are different than anywhere else. That’s why there are London tourism that exist. It’s a great way to educate people about the area while soaking in the environment with many attractions that are available within the area.

Check Out the London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo is a popular spot for many families to see. Who wouldn’t want to take their kids to there? Kids of all ages love going to it ever since the zoo open in April 27, 1828. When you look at it, that’s a long time. There are many animals that live in the zoo which should be included in the itinerary as one of the places to see while in London.

Reserve a Vehicle and Get a Car Insurance

If you’re planning to explore the city as one of the people in a London tourism group while driving around, you’re in luck! There are many insurance agents that can accommodate you with getting the high risk car insurance. You should be protected as well as when something happen while driving around in London.

Accidents happen and you never know when moments like that comes up. That’s why it isa good idea to have one just in case that day comes. You don’t want to lose time by talking to the London cop without proof. That would be horrible. Prevent that from happening by getting a car insurance ahead of time just to prepare and protect yourself from almost anything.

Join People at Social Events to Further Explore London

There are many social gatherings that exist in London just like anywhere else. If you want the inside scoop about where more fun places are, this is it! Many events happen and is a great way to get to know people while learning all about London.

When you can meet people while being educated on what places that may interest you, you just might have a faraway friend too if it ever comes to this. When you’re back at home, you’ll have fond memories of what you experience when in London as part of the London tourism group.

Explore London During Your Own Time

Sometimes exploring places on your own is much more enjoyable than being in a group. What we see in person is life altering and it may be good for you. It is essential to have some alone time and take advantage of the opportunity with it.

You might educate people with your life experience that the others might not get to do like you do. It is something worth considering especially since you’ll be in London as a short term thing. Take your time and explore the city.

Top Six London Tourism Attractions

If you are planning to visit London, there are some iconic and exciting tourist attractions waiting for you to explore. It is from visiting the famous London Eye to the beautiful historic Tower of London. Many of the tourism attractions that are discussed further below are free; therefore, it is very affordable for you to soak up the rich culture in this country.

The tourist attraction will be able to accommodate your needs; this is from the modern times to the ancient history, you will be able to find it in these must visit sites.

1. The British Museum

The British Museum is world famous for exhibiting various works of man; this is from prehistoric to the modern times of different parts around the world. The main highlights to look forward to in the museum are the Rosetta stone, the famous mummies of ancient Egypt and not forgetting the Parthenon sculptures.

2. Tate Modern

Tate modern seats grandly on the banks of Thames, it is Britain’s National Museum of contemporary and modern arts. The building has a unique shape, the reason being, it was previously a power station for the country. If you want to dine, well not to worry because the gallery has ensured to have top-notch restaurants that offer you a breathtaking view across the city as you enjoy your delicious meal.

3. The Coca-Cola London Eye

The London Eye is a major feature of the city’s skyline, as it can boast some of the best London views you can find from the 32 capsules. Each of the capsules weighs 10 tones and can hold about 25 people, ensuring no family member is left behind. Therefore, why not climb aboard the London Eye and enjoy the breathtaking experience. Additionally, it will offer you the most historic perspective you can find, from more than 55 different famous landmarks found in London. Let us not forget, this is all done in just 30 minutes.

4. The Battersea

The Battersea is the home of Cats and Dogs, making it a canine-friendly area, so not to worry the city has also considered the perfect place for dog training and dog collars. The Battersea Park is a dog paradise for many as there is plenty open space for your dog to explore, and various woodland areas in about 200 acres. I’ve taken my own dogs there after picking up some dog supplies nearby, and it really is a great spot to take your best bud.

5. Science Museum

If you are into science, have the need to discover more about the future of space travel, or just simply ask that tough question of who you are, then visiting the science museum should be at the top of your to-do list. The reason being, the museum makes your brain perform some particular Olympic-standard kind of mental gymnastics. Additionally, you will be able to touch and see the major science advances that have taken place the last 300 years, not forgetting the amazing IMAX Cinema that has been set up.

6. The Tower of London

At the tower you will be able to take a tour with one of the Yeoman Warders that are present, it is ranked among the world’s most famous buildings around, making it a must see while in the city. You will have the ability to discover its 900-year history of being a royal palace, place of execution and prison, at the same time being a jewel house and a zoo to explore.
While in the city, there is an endless list of tourist attraction locations, making your visit enjoyable. You are offered the opportunity to visit the past and the future while admiring the breathtaking sceneries the city has to offer.

5 Tips For London Travel

Traveling around the globe can be a very fun experience, and there are a lot of things that you can see and do when you go to a country or city that you have never been to before. London travel is just as great as all of the rest, but there are some things that you will want to make sure that they keep in mind, no matter where you are traveling to.

There are some things that you will want to make sure that you do so that you can stay safe, and there are some things that you will want to do so that you have have the experience of you life.

Five Tips For London Travel

1. Take in all of the sights. Breathe deeply and enjoy each moment of the trip. Because, before you know it, the time that you are in London will be over. So, go from place to place and just enjoy the little things. When you step into a bathroom enjoy the bathroom design, like the shower heads. When you are walking down the street reflect on all of the cars passing by. There are so many different things to see and do in this amazing city, and you will be able to find much joy in even the simplest of things if you let yourself.

2. Make a list of all of the places that you would like to see before you go home. By making a list you will be sure to not skip out on one attraction that you have been dying to see. Make the list and prioritize it, so that you know which day you will be doing which thing, leaving the least important attractions at the end of the list just in case you end up with not enough time to see them all. Then, once you have made the list, it will be time for you to get out there and see the first item on it!

3. Keep your money secure in a purse or in your pocket. Make sure that you know where it and your passport are at all times. You will not want to risk losing either one of them, because losing either one of them would mean that the trip could get stressful quickly. So, keep your things close, and you should be fine.

4. Make new friends. Allow yourself the chance to connect with others while you are on your trip, and you will find that the whole experience will be a little bit more fun. Make friends and talk and just enjoy yourself. This is a trip of a lifetime for you, and you should take in every moment.

There are so many fun things that you can do when you are traveling across the globe, and as long as you make sure to keep your valuable possessions safe, and as long as you make sure to be smart in the things that you are doing while away, then you should be able to have a great time.

5 Blue Collar Jobs for High School Graduates

With the high costs of college tuition and the high unemployment rate even for college graduates many recent high school graduates are choosing not to go to college. Instead they are looking to join the workforce.

There are some great blue collar jobs for high school graduates in London that can give them a good start to independent living.

Construction Worker

These jobs are in high demand and do not require an education beyond high school. Construction workers get to use their hands to remodel existing homes and work on new construction projects. A person can get into the field of carpentry, masonry, and related fields. Construction workers can make a good living and most of the training that they need is on the job. And if you have a son who graduated and is looking to get into construction, don’t forget to get him a nice pair of work boots — you can check out some reviews at this site:

Taxi Driver

All that is needed to be a taxi driver are some great driving skills, a clean driving record, and knowledge of the area. Taxi drivers will help people get from one destination to the other. This blue collar job does require good driving skills for no formal education after high school. The taxi driver can make some good money especially if they get tipped well.


Bartenders work in bars and other restaurants and make and serve alcoholic drinks. Bartending is great for people that do not like mornings. Many bartenders are able to work evenings or late nights. Bartending is fast paced and great for those that like to interact with people. Bartenders are able to make good money based on the tips that they make. The more social they are and the faster they make drinks correctly the more money they can earn.

Home Health Aide

The health care industry is looking for workers. This is one of the few fields where there are a number of in demand careers. A home health aide does not require any additional training after high school. The aide will go to the home of their patient and perform a number of duties. These duties can include dressing, grooming, and light housekeeping. The home health aide can help a person keep their independence. There are a number of different shifts available so a person can find one that fits their lifestyle.


A career in landscaping does not require additional training. In fact much of this training is on the job experience. Landscapers will mow laws or they can design an entire landscape scene for a home. In the winter months many landscapers perform snow plowing services to keep busy and continue making money. A person can learn the skills that they need and make some good money. This is great for people that enjoy being outdoors as well as those that like to work with their hands.

These are just some job opportunities available to those recent high school grads. These jobs do not require additional training after high school. There are no loans to take out or additional expenses to occur. A person can start their career right away and make a decent living doing so.

5 Great Small Business Ideas To Start Up In London

Interesting in starting a business? There are a number of opportunities to start a small business in London today.

Entrepreneurs have little trouble finding business ideas in the busy international city of London.

If you have a great idea for a business, all it takes is some research, a bit of start up financing and some perseverance to build a business that you enjoy running and growing.

1) Printing Shop

Walk in business for a print centre is not as prevalent today as it once was. Access to printing and design technology and the rise of paperless offices has hurt the printing industry. However, there is still a need for print centres. See this Gold Coast Printer as an example.

Working with small local businesses is still in demand. Business owners need help with designing printing jobs as well as colour copying, binding, collating and creating brochures, catalogues, flyers, business cards and other forms of advertising.

A successful print shop will be able to offer services in both traditional and digital printing. Online printing and design work can be added to the shops regular face to face services for increased revenue. The key to managing any successful business is good customer service and acquiring contracts with local businesses.

2) Fashion Boutique

Starting a fashion boutique can be a exciting endeavor. Like any small business, much research should be done and there will be start up costs. Research is very important to recognizing if there is a niche market for the type of boutique you would like to open. Researching lenders and start up costs, getting opinions and different perspectives, and knowing not to overreach yourself is all important.

Investigating other boutiques in the area you would like to invest can help you determine traffic flow, purchases and costs. Libraries and computer data can be a great source of information as well. The keys to success in the boutique business is to have something that is unique so it will draw people and to make good customer service your priority.

While you enjoy running your face to face boutique, you can couple it with online business for even better profit.

3) Personal Trainer

If you love fitness and working with others, personal training is a great small business idea. The fitness industry is doing well. With advertisements to fight obesity, celebrity fitness and reality show fitness programmes, personal training has potential to do very well.

Once reserved for the wealthy, personal training is more accessible to the general public. It is more personal and can be tailored to the needs and desires of the client. It can be done individually or in small groups. Start up costs include liability insurance, equipment and advertising. You could instruct general fitness or specialize such as weight loss, muscle tone, athletic training or pre-natal fitness.

4) Catering

If you enjoy cooking for very large groups and have a good imagination or if you are a good business manager and can find someone to handle the preparation, catering could be a successful business venture for you. Customers will expect the food that is served to be unique and imaginative.

Catering can be successful in the private sector such as family events, weddings, birthdays, funerals and dinners and/or in the corporate sector with businesses that need catering for events including meetings and receptions. You will most likely need a loan to start the business and much research and regulation is necessary for food services.

You must consider registering with Food Hygiene Regulations, getting a local license if you plan to serve alcohol, and regulations regarding business premises, equipment, containers, transportation, food storage and the business premise.

5) Victorian Themed Business

Although a bit more general, fascination with Victorian aged culture is popular in England and around the world right now. Television shows such as Sherlock Holmes, Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge have reinvigorated mainstream culture with all things Victorian.

It was a time of quaint etiquette, pleasantry, love, war, exploration, invention, kings, queens and emperors. In this modern age of technology, young people are drawn to a simpler time and a simpler culture for fun. Fashion boutiques, barbershops, accessory stores and even taxidermy shops are all examples of ways to market on the interest in Victorian culture.

If you have an interest or talent that you would like to share and create a small business with, there are many opportunities to do so. Use your imagination, research the market and apply your skills to successfully start your business venture. Success is more possible when you are doing something you love and are excited

Victorian themes for small businesses are wide ranging.

Five London Neighborhoods To Live In

London is a historic, lively, and culturally diverse city that is home to over 8.3 million people. It is also a world center for trade, commerce, and the arts, making it a popular and continually growing destination for those who are seeking a truly unique urban living experience.

It comes a little surprise, then, that the options in terms of choosing a London neighborhood to call home are reflective of the broad range of social, cultural, and ethnic diversity within the city’s population base.

Of Interest To House Hunters: Some Of The Best Places To Live In London

With a population density of 3,900 people per square mile, living in London is certainly a proverbial exercise in “rubbing shoulders with your neighbor.” That said, there are numerous neighborhoods with a unique cultural flavor all their own.

For those looking to live in an urban area that suits their personal social tastes, this is a city that truly offers something for everyone. In no particular order, here is a rather diverse list of what is considered to be five of the top living choices in London. For purposes of covering the city as thoroughly as possible, London has been divided into five zones; one for each of the top living options.

What makes me qualified to give such advice? Well, before I moved to London, I helped start a custom home building company in Perth that designed custom homes.

You can check out more about them here.

1. NorthWest London – Belsize Park:Known as one of the most beautiful and picturesque suburban neighborhoods in London, Belsize Park is located just over three miles from Central London. It boasts exquisite architecture via itsstucco Victorian houses, and has postcard perfect, tree-lined streets.The area is highly valued by celebrities, so rentals are not cheap. Most available living space is found in converted Victorian houses, which have flats available.

2. South London – Wimbledon:One of the most well known areas of London for obvious reasons (think tennis), Wimbledon also offers a host of other bonuses for those who choose to live in its friendly confines. You won’t have trouble finding a nice place to eat or have a drink, as there is no shortage of fine restaurants, and bars from which to choose. Wimbledon has a reputation as being a safe, friendly, and culturally diverse community. Cost of living is also varied, and one can find an interesting combination of brown brick apartment buildings, townhouses, and even some mansions in this uniquely beautiful area.

3. East London – Dalston:Lots is always happening from a cultural perspective in this part of town, which is well known as a favorite hangout for hipsters and the artistic crowd. Dalston certainly lives up to this reputation, and has been branded as one of the “coolest places in Britain.” Extremely popular with the young, creative arts crowd; a thriving nightlife and an abundance of cafe hangouts await those who opt to live here. A diversity of properties and architecture can be found in Dalston, so rental costs are equally diverse.

4. SouthEast London – Greenwich:This growing section of London is currently attracting new businesses, and has excellent transportation via the railroad if you prefer to not drive. Specifically, Greenwich is only five miles from the center of London, and it boasts the Royal Observatory, and many historical buildings. The neighborhood also has a great food market, an antique market, and numerous pubs. Rentals are generally flats that are rather budget-friendly.

5. SouthWest London – Chiswick:This quiet community was once a fishing village, and has now become a very popular living area for professionals and young families, as demonstrated by its excellent primary schools. It provides plenty of green space and trees, and offers excellent pubs, delicatessens, cafes, and a beautiful shopping area. It offers a nice variety of properties, many of which have old Victorian and Edwardian style houses. While it can be fairly pricey to live here, a range of price brackets can be found.

Life in London offers something for everyone. If living here is what you desire, you are sure to find a neighborhood that suits your own unique personal tastes and interests. Millions of people in this bustling city would agree.

Favorite U.S. Hobbies: My Top Five

As a resident of London, I enjoy the broad range of cultural activities that living in this part of the world offers. Although there is no replacement for simply savoring life at home, I also love to travel. I especially enjoy taking vacation time to fly to the United States. Why the U.S? Well, the cultural activities and hobbies of interest among the people of the U.S. really seem to suit my interests, and my personality type.

Through the years, I have discovered that for whatever activity or hobby of interest I have, there has always been an amazing opportunity waiting for me to enjoy it in the U.S. As I reflect on the many great moments I have had there, I have decided to list my top 5 favorite U.S. hobbies. As you will see, my range of interests is fairly broad, so I have categorized the hobbies on my list as well. Here they are:

Outdoor Adventure

1) Hiking and Trail Running: There are some amazing hiking trails in every part of the U.S. I especially enjoy the personal challenge of hiking up a mountain, and simply taking in the view from the top. Some of the mountainous regions I have hiked include the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, the Tetons in Wyoming, and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I also enjoy hiking a variety of terrain, including the desert regions of Utah and Arizona, and the miles of ocean beaches along the east coast. Where does trail running enter the picture? Trail running is a growing U.S. trend. I have found it to simply be another great way to breathe the fresh air and take in the sights, although at a faster pace. It provides a new level of challenge as well, allowing me the opportunity to enter some of the many trail running races that are scheduled throughout the U.S. each year. Whether walking or running, I love getting out on the trail!

2) Fishing: Whether it is trying to catch pike in a big lake, trout in a mountain stream, or large saltwater fish on the open ocean, the U.S. has some of the best fishing opportunities in the world. I have had my best success when I hire a fishing guide service to take me to recommended locations. For some extra vacation excitement, I always try to plan at lease one day of fishing into my outdoor travels.

Outdoor Sports

3) Paintball: Paintball? Really? Yes, indeed. Paintball is one of those activities that you have to try for yourself before you will understand all of the enthusiasm people feel toward it. I played it with a group of friends in the U.S. a few years ago, and have been hooked on it ever since. I even entered one of the many U.S. paintball tournaments last year. There is just something about the thrill of competition that paintball captures so amazingly well. Give it a try sometime. Lots of fun. You can click here for the top paintball guns on the market.

Relaxing Pursuits

4) Following Major League Baseball: If you love watching baseball, the U.S. is the place to be. After all, the game is known as America’s “national pastime.” I love every aspect of the game. Just being in the atmosphere with the green grass, the roar of the crowd, the crack of the bat, the strategy of the competition, and the smell of hot dogs in the air is absolutely intoxicating. Each summer, I try to go to at least one baseball game at one of the many beautiful stadiums across the U.S.

5) Fine Dining: What would a vacation be without food? In the U.S., there are plenty of fine cuisine options that provide a vast assortment of ethnic dishes. I love taking the time to research great restaurants, and then having the opportunity to visit them to enjoy one of their signature dishes for which they are famous. As part of my travel plans in the U.S., I always plan a trip to one or two highly recommended restaurants.

There are my five favorites. The U.S. certainly has something for everyone, and there are also assortments of activity groups, clubs, and tournaments you can join in the U.S. if you would like to meet other likeminded people to enjoy your favorite hobbies along with you. Perhaps this list will inspire you to get out and enjoy your favorite hobbies a little bit more often. Take some time, and enjoy the journey of life!

5 Types of Jobs to Get in London

London offers great job opportunities and many are looking to send their applications in this direction. London offers diversity and at the same time great job opportunities with great pay and compensation plans.

The following are 5 different types of jobs to get when in London. They combine great pay, great experience, attractive compensation plans, as well as offer great working conditions.

1. Researcher

A researcher aims at providing relevant information to different businesses and organizations to boost marketing strategies. This job is relevant across all industries due to stiff competition. It is more so important while on travel as individuals are seeking information on what they need to know about the beautiful scenery in London.

2. Accountant

Almost every field requires accounting services. This therefore provides a great job opportunity when in London. The economic stability of the country is evident and due to the economic growth, businesses and organizations require an expert’s opinion on the business financial growth as well as spending. This is ideal for persons who are not good with people skills and understand accounting principles, which are standard no matter where you are from. In this, no matter where you are from, you will fit in without any additional training.

3. Nurse

Nurses account for one of the major types of jobs to get in London. If you do not have the experience, you can take on a short course to help you get started. The hospitals and clinics in London are equipped with the necessary materials and equipment. This help to create a suitable working environment. In addition, the pay and compensation plans are attractive. The working hours are well balanced and cases of being overworked are rare.

My sister is a nurse, and even though she makes more money than I do, I’m always the one who is buying her nurse gifts! If you are like me, and have always had trouble buying gifts for those friends and family members that are nurses, check out 4 a Nurse for some good ideas.

4. Content Writer

Provision of information is important to all persons. Content writing is important as it helps to keep individuals on their toes by ensuring that information is relevant and up to date. The added advantage to content writing is that individuals can work from home at your own convenience. The earnings are relevant to your own effort as the more you work, the more you earn. It is not limiting in reference to working hours so anytime is time to work.

5. Web designer

With the advancement in technology, right about everything is looking to go online. Businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, as well as people’s information are online. In an effort to keep this trend, web designers are gaining popularity in the market. They serve all industries so you can be sure of fitting right in as these information cannot be displayed without a site to work with. Looking at the trend, individuals prefer to make purchases online and carryout research online. Web designing is definitely a job to consider.

The 5 types of jobs mentioned above offer great opportunities in London due to the following reasons.

  • They offer an allowance for constant growth.
  • They serve in a number of fields and industries.
  • They are relevant to the current time and will remain relevant in the future.

London is great for several reasons and job opportunities are one of the reasons. The above guide will help you select depending on your experience and skills. Some jobs are specific to the type of skills and expertise required. Other jobs are less restrictive and individuals can generate an income without a hassle.

Royal Attractions in London

No visit to London would be complete without taking in some of the Royal attractions the city has to offer.

Around 16 million visitors a year come to England’s capital city and many of them arrive in the hope of experiencing some of London’s unique Royal heritage and perhaps spotting a member of the Royal family during their stay!

The Royal family over the years have connections to many places in the capital, including:

1. The Tower of London
2. Buckingham Palace
3. Kew Palace
4. Kensington Palace
5. The Victoria and Albert Museum
7.The Banqueting Hall
8. The Household Cavalry Museum
9. Westminster Abbey

Here is a guide to some of the top attractions in London that have a Royal connection.

Buckingham Palace

It goes without saying that Buckingham Palace is the most popular and iconic Royal tourist attraction in London. The Queen’s London home is now partially open to the public and you can purchase tickets for the chance to tour the inside of this beautiful and opulent residence to find out how the Royal family live. Even if you don’t want to pay to see inside the palace itself, you can always admire the view through the gates and, of course, enjoy the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony. Afterwards, enjoy a leisurely walk along The Mall.

The Tower Of London

Although best known as a prison during Tudor times, this spectacular ancient castle was actually a Royal residence for much of its long existence. Built in Norman times, the white tower at its center was traditionally the place where kings and queens of England would stay the night before their coronation ceremony and it was the king’s London residence in ancient times. The tower has also been the prison for members of the royal family, most notably Queen Anne Boleyn who was executed here during the reign of Henry VIII. Today, the Beefeaters will guide you around this historical attraction and tell terrifying tales of its shocking history.

Kensington Palace

This beautiful Royal palace is home to the official London apartments of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as other members of the Royal family. Historically, this palace was the childhood home of Queen Victoria and there is plenty to see here in the historic state rooms which date back to the time of King William II and Queen Mary II. Unfortunately, the chances of spotting the Prince of Wales is pretty slim, but you never know!

Banqueting House

The Banqueting House is the only part of the original Whitehall Palace that still remains in London. This beautiful building was the first in its architectural style and set the trend for many of the city’s buildings. Constructed in the early 17th century, the Banqueting House is most famous as the place where King Charles I was executed. The Renaissance style architecture is also reflected in the interior where a stunning ceiling painted by Ruben takes pride of place.

Enjoy visiting the many royal attractions in London and see a city fit for a queen.